The pizzeria is a project of Felice Messina and Maria Cacialli, daughter of Ernesto, pizza maker in the historic center of Naples has become famous for having nicely “dragged” in 1994 the then US President Bill Clinton in his pizzeria to offer him a “piece of Naples”. As well as her father, also Mary, supported by her husband Felice wanted to pay tribute to pizza opening in the historical center (Via del Grande Archivio) a real “temple” that can accommodate over 150 people.

The atmosphere is rustic and elegant at the same time. The colors blend perfectly with the folklore and the Neapolitanness of a time and the seating arrangement is discrete and puts everyone at ease.

Prices are affordable and a large selection promises to satisfy every palate.

Ernesto Cacialli

Master Pizzaiolo

In 1994, at th G7 in Naples, during his stay in the city, he received the visit of the US President of America Bill Clinton, with the retinue of his staff of about 70 people, ate the pizza prepared by Ernesto Cacialli.

It was then that Ernesto became 'Pizzaiolo of the President'.


Maria Cacialli

The president's daughter

Maria Cacialli is a tough woman, the true matriarch (not mama) Neapolitan. The one that holds the family together and defends at any cost, the proudly shows and protects it with determination. One that does not lose heart in the face of anything. The one that men of the family are the arms and she is the head.

Felice Messina

Master Pizza chef

Felice Messina is he who together with his wife Maria continued to carry forward the tradition of Ernesto father in law. Thanks to his experience as a pizza maker the qualitative target has not changed over the years. While Maria is the head of this enterprise, Felice is the active arm of cooking and baking.

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